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The Principled Data News Review

Yesterday I wrote about what a slow news day it was.  Well, I think a more accurate description is – it is just harder and harder to find content that has enough quality content to post on here.  There is plenty of it available, but it is mostly crap: so much of it.  And then Google makes it extra annoying by asking me to ‘prove I am human’ because it thinks my browsing is abnormal — actually, it probably is: I am trying to avoid all the junk it serves up!

I think I am going to move more to creating my own content using whatever decent other sources I can find.  There simply isn’t enough out there to warrant a daily summary; not that I will stop looking for it.  Part of this process will mean going to primary sources and looking for nuggets of interest.  Much of the secondary content I find warps the reports or government findings to sell some product or service – which would be fine if they added enough value to their content in the process.

Anyway … all good.  I will change my approach to circumvent the garbage and generate my own (hopefully) quality content.