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The Principled Data News Review

New name for the daily news summary – The Principled Data News Review.  It will probably change again… who knows.  I thought it needed a vague title because I am starting to cover a broad range of topics.

It’s a pretty light news day, so I will make a comment on what I am working on.

Recently the Productivity Commission (Australia) published a report to the Government called “Data Availability and Use“.  It goes some way to address the type of issues that are dealt with by the EU GDPR.

They received 211 submissions in response to the Issues Paper.  They then received a further 125 submissions as a result of the Draft Report.

I haven’t read the final report as yet (it is over 600 pages long).  However, before I do that I will read through the submissions to get an idea of what the key issues are from the stakeholder point of view.  The output from this review will be a chart showing how the stakeholder issues map to the final report.