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The Case for Good UX

What if all this vulnerability to hacking and lax data governance controls comes down to everyone collectively saying: “f*#k it?!”

Forms are annoying; checklists are annoying; going through the motions in low-risk environments wears down resolve to follow protocol in high-risk situations.  And no one has a clue what the collection statements of end-user agreements mean or say.

The end-to-end design of essential data governance processes need to start with one thing in mind: people need to do this stuff.  If you make it hard or annoying then you get zero buy-in.  So make it easy, and make logical sense.  And explain the need for certain actions if they could conceivably be interpreted as superfluous.

This is something I hardly hear any mention of (until I saw the article above).  But this is a big deal.  With regulations like GDPR rolling out across the globe, there are millions of people who will need to follow some mundane process to ensure compliance.

A unique selling point is to honestly say: our solution is easy.

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