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Pretty Hefty News Day!

Well, the UK Data Protection Bill is pretty big news today.  I haven’t looked closely yet but I assume it is just the UK Government getting in line with GDPR legislation.  Not such a big deal at all really – considering it would have been fait accompli if they hadn’t Brexit-ed.

An interesting selection of articles today though, which is refreshing after several days without much of interest.

To keep myself busy I am going back through historical reports to see how the debate over privacy has evolved in Australia.  The Australian Law Reform Commission has written a LOT over the years.  I’ve also had a look through the Hansard in NSW and Federal Parliament – passing legislation is not a quick process!  As an example, in 1975 there was some interesting debate in NSW Parliament about the work of the Privacy Committee.  It more or less disappeared from discussion until the 90s.  Politics…