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Slow News Monday!

Enterprise Blockchain

I am very interested in the potential for Blockchain.  I see it as a way to ensure data integrity and privacy.  There are security uses; and with ‘smart contracts’, the ability to automate processes across time and space.  But it is not easy to understand what is going on with this technology.  The news reports are too short to provide enough detail, and there is way too much hype around crypto-currencies to easily locate credible information online.

So I am glad when an organisation publishes a white paper.  Last week Microsoft came out with some details about its Coco Framework.  It looks interesting.  But again, not enough detail.  I can guess at the potential, but I can’t tangibly play with the ideas until I know more.

There are a number of arXiv papers; but honestly, these papers (and this goes for any topic) are on the other side of the spectrum – too detailed with a very narrow application.  Although, they do at least provide some clues.

I’m on the hunt for background information on Blockchain.  Once I get my head around it I will post.