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The Principled Data News Review

Some Interesting Finds

ENISA – EU Agency for Network and Information Security.  They have some great papers related to privacy-enhancing technology.  Also some papers about cyber insurance.

SABSA Institute.  Some interesting ideas about security and business governance.  It doesn’t look like its taken off like other standards.  They could start by creating a more engaging website!

LinkedIn actually has some pretty good courses that they inherited from Lynda.  I’ve been working through the cyber security-related courses and they’re ok.  Not the same experience as a Coursera or Udacity, but you can still get a reasonable overview of a topic.

I am pretty surprised how many people use their own name or a family name for their wireless SSID.  It’s also surprising that people drive around recording this data!

An awesome infographic of global data breaches.  Nearly all relate to a malicious hack.