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The Principled Data News Review

Interesting Find: “On My Disk“: it looks like a user-friendly way to attach a high-volume disk (including one inside a home desktop computer) to your home network and open it up to use remotely to share files.  Not a bad idea, but good luck getting users to follow good security practice on their home network to avoid getting hacked!

The Forgotten (Data) Generation

I suspect that people will go overboard with requests to erase their personal data.  Organisations and governments may want to extract as much analytic value from their current datasets before May next year.  I don’t think this mass erasure will be a long-term trend, but I think its impact will be noticable.

A potential solution will be to pass more control to the individual to license their data – perhaps for a micro-payment (cue Blockchain).  This may not work because people will get lazy and data will get outdated and unusable.

Incentives are needed to both: protect data (on the controller’s and processor’s side), and consent to use the data (on the subject’s side).  It may take some time and experimentation to get those incentives right.  I don’t think it will be a market-led solution either.