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The Principled Data News Review

  • 2017, September 11, SSRN, “Relative Privacy Valuations Under Varying Disclosure Characteristics” — in Section 5.1, the authors talk of organisations compensating users at a higher rate the more sensitive the collected data is.  Fair enough … but I wonder how an organisation can quantify the value of a single piece of data?  The could use an approximation – define value of data (in general) to the organisation as X, quantify the volume of all pieces of data collected as Y … value per piece of data = X/Y.  Seems suspiciously simplistic though!
  • 2017, September 11, SSRN, “How Law Operates in a Wired Global Society: Cyber and E-Commerce Risk” — quite a simple premise really: take a little time and little cost to read the insights of some of the biggest tech companies and what they perceive as the main cyber risks.  Then use the output of their expensive research to improve your own framework.
  • 2017, September 11, SSRN, “Privacy and Our Digital Selves” — the same story: data is the modern currency; government surveillance fears; who watches the watchers?; what happens when security is breached?
  • 2017, September 9, SSRN, “Rights on Data: The EU Communication ‘Building a European Data Economy’ From an Economic Perspective” — this paper makes me think: organisations (except in specific cases like medical care or financial services) have very little need to keep personal data.  All they need access to is trends and the patterns that the associated data can provide.  I develop this idea further on LinkedIn.