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Non-News Update

When I am not looking at articles about data governance, I am learning the more technical elements that underpin data flows.  I subscribe to too many magazines and online training platforms!

I look at things like encryption, network management, penetration testing, web application development, various programming languages, and database technologies (among others).

At the moment I am specifically looking at the MVC concept of application development.  And the framework I have running on my testing server is Laravel.

It is fascinating to see how all these different elements come together to produce a seamless user experience.

But it is also essential to have this awareness.

I figure that I could not be a very good analyst of data governance issues if I didn’t also understand the technology that needs governing.  So to bridge that gap I learn how these systems we use on a daily basis are created; I want to understand the complexity involved.  I am aware enough that I am not going to become a crack developer or coder by doing this – that is best left for others!  However, I will appreciate that if I recommend a governance policy I have considered how it will actually be implemented.  I love conceptual thinking and staying up in the clouds of the ‘big picture’.  But if I am going to convince anyone that my ideas are realistic, then I need an idea about what challenges an IT department or end-users who process the data face.