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  • 2017, September 28, SSRN, “Give Them an Inch, They’ll Take a Terabyte: How States May Interpret Tallinn Manual 2.0’s International Human Rights Law Chapter” — I had no idea international law was so interesting.  There is really something cool about how it abstracts the rights of people as human beings as opposed to subjects of a State.  This is interesting because of how easy it is for us to identify ourselves so strongly with our nation.  From that national identity we set out what we value.  Yet, IHRL says – you are a human being above all and this is what you should expect no matter where you live.  How unfortunate that so many people around the world don’t actually have these rights (except perhaps in name only).
    This paper complements another paper I recently commented on about how privacy does not meet the indispensability requirement of IHRL.
    The author makes a great point about how it is possible for states to exploit the label of ‘terrorism’ to circumvent legal controls like those in, inter alia, the Tallinn Manual.
  • 2017, September 28, SSRN, “Some Realism About Copyright Skepticism

So it turns out that people have been thinking about how to make security usable for a while.  Why is it still a problem?  Either this is a really wicked problem, or we need a new approach.  I am betting on the latter.  This is why I want to merge ideas from UX/UI and design thinking with security requirements.  I think there is value in re-thinking the situation.  I’m sure people have done this before but we still don’t have a good solution.  Actually, I don’t think there is a solution for good UI/UX period – be it security or anything else.

I have read a few times now about how people in tech design products and services for themselves – not the actual user.

I am seeing some good ideas in the O’Reilly UX Strategy online course.