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Almost Daily Data Ethics and Governance News

2017, July 14, Gizmodo, “Uber Unveils New Privacy Tool That Protects Individual User Data” — paper by Cynthia Dwork on Differential Privacy 2017, July 14, The Australian, “Capgemini: Balance focus on big data with human insight” (paywall) 2017, July 13, Oxford University, “Cryptotransaction Dispute Resolution” — this is fascinating.  The Blockchain allows for anonymous transactions…

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Journal Summary – Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A

2016, Locating ethics in data science: responsibility and accountability in global and distributed knowledge production systems 2016, The ethics of smart cities and urban science 2016, Data philanthropy and the design of the infraethics for information societies 2016, Compelling truth: legal protection of the infosphere against big data spills 2016, The opportunities and ethics of…

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Journal Summary – Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society

2014, Modeling Reality 2013, Always On and Always With Mobile Tablet Devices 2013, Why the Current Insistence on Open Access to Scientific Data? Big Data, Knowledge Production, and the Political Economy of Contemporary Biology 2012, Re-Mediating Research Ethics 2011, Rethinking the Machine Metaphor Since Descartes: On the Irreducibility of Bodies, Minds, and Meanings 2010, Our…

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Journal Summary – AI & Society

2017, Hermeneutic of performing data 2017, Impact of science, technology and innovation on the economic and political power 2017, Performing ethics 2016, Engineers and the other: the role of narrative ethics 2016, The case of classroom robots: teachers’ deliberations on the ethical tensions 2016, Artificial super intelligence: beyond rhetoric 2013, The Internet of things! then…

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Journal Summary – Media, Culture & Society

2017, Social media visibility: challenges to activism 2017, The dynamics and potentials of big data for audience research 2017, Reconsidering the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ – memory rights and the right to memory in the new media era 2016, Doing media history in a digital age: change and continuity in historiographical practices 2015, Reflections on…

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Journal Summary – Big Data & Society

2017, Understanding the conundrum: New information flows for economic growth 2017, Data ideologies of an interested public: A study of grassroots open government data intermediaries 2017, Crowd-Sourced Intelligence Agency: Prototyping counterveillance 2017, A reflective commentary of teaching critical thinking of privacy and surveillance in UK higher education 2017, Introduction to Special Theme Veillance and…

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